It’s 9:49 p.m. and I lay next to a husband who has been solo for the past three days and who wants nothing more than his wife to give him back ticklies as he drifts into slumberland.

I just flew home this evening from attending the She Speaks Intensive, an incredible conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I’m still in a buzz over hearing some of the best speakers and writers, including Lysa Terkheurst and Ken Davis, share some of their wisdom and yet I’m really, really tired.

And of course, my intentions of working ahead for this little space here didn’t come to fruition. SO.

This will be quite brief. Forgive me. I hope to be breathing by Friday and perhaps it won’t be so boring over here.

We closed our time in Charlotte, North Carolina this morning singing a song I adore and have somewhat forgotten about as of late. Of course, my very favorite Jesus Culture sings a version so we’ll listen to theirs today. There are others and a simple search through You Tube will give you additional options if you’re tired of my Jesus Culture obsession.

I’m not sure about you, but there are just days when I have a little bit of trouble trusting Him. I find myself a little uneasy and forget for just an ever-so-slight moment that He IS more than enough.

I need Him to hold my every moment. Calm my raging seas. Walk with me through fire. Heal my disease.

And He does. Because, in the end, He’s the ultimate healer.

Off to give back ticklies. Enjoy.

What songs have been moving you lately?

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