I am beyond-blessed when you share your heart with my own no-stranger-to-pain ears. Every story you tell me, every word you write of your heartaches, allows me to see the beauty of His light that shines through the cracks in our clay pots.

Nothing is ever wasted. Ever.

We aren’t expected to  go through the crummy stuff that is guaranteed to be our lot (John 16:33) then sit back and say “Whew! Glad that’s over!”

Nothing is ever in-vain in the eyes of God. Nothing is wasted.

When someone else is sharing their pain after you have climbed the mountain and lived through your own, we are not expected to just nod our heads, say “I’m sorry, I’ll pray for you” and move-on.

No. Nothing is wasted.

And let’s just be real for a minute here . . .  Pain is never, ever fun. I don’t wake up every day and think “Yippee-Kai-Yay! What terrible things will happen to me today???”

But that pain, sisters . . .  It’s meant to be used.

Not for our glory. But for His.

See, God doesn’t make those bad things happen in our lives. The enemy makes those bad things happen in our lives.

However, the beauty of God is that He looks at us and thinks “This breaks my heart, too. What good can I do here?”

Then He does it. Always. Guaranteed.

Sometimes we have to look really, really hard to find the good. I get that. But nothing is wasted.


My prayer for you today is that you will take a moment and listen to this song by one of my favorite artists and remember to remember . . .

Nothing is wasted.

And if you want to hear Jason share bit more about the good that comes from our trials, here you go: (it’s two minutes and 44 seconds!)

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