So if we need to “get right with God” before we can enter-in to healthy relationships, then one of the best ways we can begin the process of establishing a relationship with Him is through worship.

We were created to worship. He did this intentionally—it’s no accident. He knew that the worship of Him would lead us to a far deeper relationship because when you worship something, it’s serious business. It takes intimacy to a new level.

That something we choose to worship fills a hole in us that creates a longing to have it filled immediately when we find it opening again.

But here’s the thing: if we don’t choose to worship Him, we’ll choose to worship something else. And nothing can fill that hole the way God can.

Until we discover how He fits so perfectly, even when we are frustrated by His ways, we’ll keep searching for the next best thing to worship and fit into that hole.

We’ll keep searching until we find what we were truly made to worship.

Out of the darkness and into the light. Lifting our sorrows, bearing our burdens, healing our hearts.

Singing Hallelujah.

 What songs are moving you these days?


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