Spotify is changing my life. For the oh so much better . . .

When I listen to the Bethel Live station, I am blown away by the music I hear for the first time and I’m discovering some really wonderful new artists.

You know I adore Brian and Jenn Johnson and hilariously enough, we have this CD among our collection but I guess I just always glossed over it. Songs can hit us over the head in different seasons and I guess I’m just in the right season for “All of My Worship” to jolt me a bit.

When a song resonates within your bones, it’s about so much more than just liking a song. You feel the essence of the words in your soul and you discover the deeper meaning behind the message and it can literally stop you in your tracks.

These are the ones in which you know there’s something there worth thinking about. The ones that make you wonder if He’s trying to tell you something because this is the way He rolls.

When we can surrender ALL of us to Him, there’s no limit to what He can do. All of our worship. All of our praise.

He’s just waiting for us to accept His invitation to dance—but we have to let Him lead.

With all of our worship.

I couldn’t find a video to correspond to the song so it’s just this lame CD case. But I guess it’s not really about the video.

On another note, I’m praying about making Worship Wednesday a link-up. Would you please let me know if you would be interested in joining me?

What worship songs are touching you these days?

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