Our Daughters

Three years ago, God blessed me with a friend who I first met online. Then we met in-real-life. And now, she’s a heart sister.

Erin makes me laugh and I adore her passion for tween and teen girls. She’s a fierce warrior in the fight against raising our young girls up to be strong Christian women and encouraging them to stand-up for what’s right—even when it’s hard. And most recently, she’s decided she’s had enough of the sexualization of our children in our society. I’m with her on this one, too.

My sweet friend founded a ministry called “The Whatever Girls” two years ago and it’s clearly been anointed because it’s taking off like crazy. I’m honored to be one of their writers and doubly-honored to be speaking on the topic of Heart Sisters at the first-ever Whatever Girls Conference next spring in Spokane, Washington.

I’m writing there today and would love if you would join me as I discuss a tough morning I had with my daughter not too long ago. I suspect maybe you’ve had a tough morning or two as well?

But before you go, could I tell you a little bit about the new campaign that’s begun this week at “The Whatever Girls”? After reading an article in Seventeen magazine in which a new movie soon to be released called “Spring Breakers” is being glamorized, the Whatever Girls are taking a stand. This movie is rated R for explicit sexual content, namely a threesome sex scene between two young women and a young man.

Seventeen’s target market? Ages 12 to 19. Really.

My daughter just turned eight. She reads American Girl books and plays Little House on the Prairie. I like it this way. But to think she would be twelve in just four short years and would fall into this target audience makes me ill.

Our daughters deserve better than this.

I’m not clicking my tongue and tsking at the world while I wear my pearls and vacuum my rugs. I’m not a prude.

But I do think we need to teach our daughters about purity and not just abstinence. We need to be real with them about what premarital sex does to their hearts. We need to teach our daughters that sex is awesome — with their husbands.

Erin’s series entitled “Our Daughters Deserve Better” began last week. If you are a mother of a girl, would you please join us? And if you have boys, you might have even more reason to join us. This is not just isolated to mothers of girls because as the mother of both genders, I see the importance of educating both genders on how to respect the other. There’s such strength in numbers.

Because if we are going to be the Titus 2 women of this younger generation, we can never start too soon.

Yes. Our daughters deserve better.

Join me over there?

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