Spencer peeing

Sometimes you’re the fence . . . sometimes you’re Spencer.

Praying you are all Spencer today, sisters.

It might be a little light around here since my book deadline is June 1. BUT.

I am starting a Facebook group for those who would like to be a part of Circle of Sisters.

Circle of Sisters will commit to praying for the writing of Heart Sisters and will agree to help with publicity when the time comes to publicize (which will be at some point in 2014).

These sisters will also be the first to be in the know as fun stuff starts to happen.  And there’s a major something fun happening by the end of the summer. I’m also working on SOMETHING I can give you all for participating. I don’t know what that will be but there will be SOMETHING. How’s that for incentive?

Basically, Circle of Sisters will be so much rolled into one: prayer team. Publicists. Advisory board.

But most of all? Sisters.

You can message me at ncsnapp at gmail dot com (I write all that out because of spammers not because I’m crazy though I do have my crazy moments. But this isn’t one of them. I’m protective about my crazy moments.) if you want to know more information.

I will need to limit this group to no more than fifty participants. If we have more than this, the group becomes too large to manage effectively. Thanks for understanding!

Here’s how to join:

1. Message me via Facebook (Natalie Chambers Snapp or Mommy on Fire) OR

2. Message me via email at ncsnapp at gmail dot com.

When you do this, I’ll tell you the next step.

I like a veil of mystery . . .

Here’s to a day of being Spencer and not the fence!

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