Now and then, I like to participate in Lisa Jo’s Friday link-up in which she asks us to write for just five minutes on a word she provides.

I would do this every Friday but you know. Life happens. Sometimes I think it would be just awesome to hole myself up and write all day but then I would run out of things to write about because living life is my inspiration.

Today’s word is “song”. . .

So I will start:

The new song of summer reverberates through the walls of our home. Giggles from two young boys running through the sprinkler. The slurp of a cherry popsicle emerges from my girl. Our first “BFF” – Big Fat Fly, buzzes through the air. Questions like “Mama can we do water balloons?” and “When does the pool open?” pepper my dinner-making and I breathe deep and relish the songs of summers past.

The squeal of anxious tires, circling as I ride my banana seat bike downtown to check-out more books to read for the summer reading program.

The splash of water as I jump into Meemo’s pool to retrieve the plastic cow in the deep-end.

The 90’s music on our “ghetto blaster” by the lake during the lazy days of high school summers.

The frantic “I have to get to work” after a long night during those college years.

The sobs of a summer spent in grief.

The song of excitement and a reawakening as a new love enters the scene a year later.

Three summers of babies crying and giggling.

The composer of this song, He’s better than Beethoven. Bach. Tchaikovsky.

He understands a good musical score peppers the sweet and dramatic into one perfect melody.

So I breathe the summer song and trust the great composer.

What do you hear in your song today?

Join the others over at Lisa-Jo’s? You’ll be so glad you did!

Five Minute Friday

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