I’m a week out from my deadline with Abingdon. I’m feeling a peace and a calm I wasn’t expecting, but still. I have been a little absent around here this week (and very likely will be spotty next week, too)

But I’m missing you.

Lisa-Jo’s prompt today is the word “view.” And you know, they say a picture’s worth a 1,000 words. And you know, I love Instagram. If you are a part of Instagram, I would love to connect with you there! My handle is nataliesnapp.

Here’s a view of the life of Snapp during the past week . . .

sparkly headband

A new, sparkly headband…

last day of gymnastics

The last day of gymnastics . . . (Oh, dear. NOW how will I expel that energy? Oh, right. The pool.)

Star Wars party

Star Wars party . . . And YES, indeed I DID make that R2D2 costume . . . Because there was no sewing involved!!! Have Sharpies, white T-shirt, and old snowman hat? Count me in!

LCS parent day

Second Grade Parent Day . . .

tackling coach

Tackling Coach Snapp at the end of soccer . . .

Spencer - end of preschool

Last day of preschool . . .

first copy of Heart Sisters

A copy of Heart Sisters to be read and edited before next week’s deadline . . .

sleeping lukke

A cat with the right idea . . .

bathtub stuff

My relaxing bathtub – the towel was the shark they killed and, of course, they had to wear bathing suits because it was their scuba gear. #lifewithboys, #nothingismine


Evidence He sees it all, even when I don’t think anyone does?


In this busy season of end-of-the-year celebrations and end-of-the-season games and graduations and tests and running from point A to point B remember, mama–He sees you.

His view is lovely and with you, He is well-pleased.

What’s your week been like?

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