So Worship Wednesday hasn’t been around these parts the past two weeks because I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it.

Most of the people on our Circle of Sisters team said they are in favor of keeping it around. I would love to keep doing it if you all want new music and if not, I won’t. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments.

But since I went for a walk tonight and my dry soul responded to this song, I thought I would pass it along to you today.

I’m a big Aaron Shust fan. He’s one of my favorites.

So I put his music on shuffle as I walked, desperately trying to reconnect with a God that seems so far away right now but  hasn’t gone anywhere.

Not surprisingly, He reached me through song.

Not through the children who were overly whiny and bicker-y with one another. Not through the exasperating bedtime routine of a band-aid and one more drink of water and having to answer for umpteenth time why we now go to bed while it’s still light outside or the massive disagreement that broke out between room-sharing brothers who both wanted to play with the Leapster.

Though this is the minutiae of my everyday which leads to a very Brother Lawrence-like existence, it’s not during those moments when I am feeling the most connected to God. I probably should work on that because I’m certain I’m missing the point. I can hear Bro Lawrence heckling me from his sandal repair post now.

It’s through music. He gets me everytime through music.

So it goes this evening–reviving a sleepy soul in need of a kick, He breathes new life and I happily take it. Of course, He’s been holding it out all along.

And I think I’ll need it tomorrow when I explain, yet again, why we go to bed while the sun is still up.




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