I think you all know the lineage of my dear friend, Erin, and I but allow me to give you a quick overview in case you missed it…

Erin and I first met in the online world three years ago when we were both fledgling bloggers. We both possessed a heart for women’s ministry but at the same time, we were unsure of how God was going to manifest those ministries or even what they were going to be.

Fast forward to months later when I met Erin in-real-life for the first time at the Allume Conference in the fall of 2010. I knew as soon as I met her she and I were kindred spirits.

And last year, as roommates for She Speaks, it was clear she had become my Heart Sister.

Erin’s the real-deal, friends. She’s not perfect (because then I couldn’t be friends with her, of course) but she loves Jesus, she loves her family, and she is passionate about serving tweens and teens.

This passion, combined with her courage to be radical for the sake of our girls, led her to begin a “Whatever Girls” group out of her home.

Based on the verse of Philippians 4:8, this group was comprised of mothers and daughters. They discussed hard topics such as friendships, how to handle “mean girls”, and keeping your eyes on the cross when it’s so easy to be convinced to stray.

The girls became, and continue to be, a safety network and  support to one another.

Last summer, we shared our dreams for the passions God had placed on both of our hearts and wondered out-loud where it would go.

In just nine short months since those conversations during the balmy July heat of North Carolina, so much has transpired.

The very first Whatever Girls Conference, Whatever Girls Live, is being held next spring in Spokane, Washington. I am beyond excited to go with my girl who will be a big, bad nine-year-old third grader by then.

I’m super beyond-excited to be a speaker for two of the break-out sessions.

I would be even more beyond excited to see you there.

Because the single-most powerful thing we can do for our girls? Invest in them.

And this means just having fun with her. Going on an adventure together. Getting to know each other as two people rather than caregiver and receiver.

Laughing, learning, and growing together creates memories.

And memories? Those are investments that won’t tank in a bad economy.

Click here for more details and to register!





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