So while I was here last month, I discovered a really fun boutique on wheels based out of Fishers, Indiana called “retro101.”

The idea is simple but not many have thought of it yet – stock a bus with trendy clothes and accessories and voila! You have a mobile store that can pull right on up to anyone’s house for a show or join in any street festivals or celebrations.

Owner Heather Pirowski sent me these words as an official bio: Indy’s first boutique on wheels features NEW fashions and accessories plus locally made and designed goodies with a retro flare.  Why the name? Because Heather Pirowski, owner, is rollin’ old school in a 1978 bus name Ellie (named after her 85 year-old spunky Grandma). Although you can catch retro101 on the streets of Indy and beyond, retro101 is launching an online presence. Every Wednesday, shoppers can get exclusive steals and deals directly from retro101’s Facebook page.

And the first Wednesday? It kicks off today. Right here, right now.

leather cuff

Artists: Jamie Price and Martine Locke of IHA

Yep, that’s my wrist sportin’ the “Love All” cuff. Yep, I’m cool as a I drive along in my swagger wagon. I don’t need to stinkin’ sports car because I’ve got a leather cuff.

And I wear it everyday as a friendly reminder for when I get annoyed in traffic. Or have to wait too long in line at the grocery store with children who must touch everything while someone is trying to use triple coupons and the code won’t work on the cash register and the manager has to be called while my boys fling unpayed-for Skittles through the air.

Because, really, I need that same love at times, too. It’s grace that makes this world go around.

So here’s how to enter. Note: This is the first time I’ve ever used Rafflecopter. We’ll test drive it and see how we like it. You will need to log-in either via Facebook or email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Details are included once you log-in to Rafflecopter but the giveaway is open until midnight on June 21. That gives us all 48 hours to get our entries in, friends!

However, if you don’t win, don’t fret. Sweet Heather has offered free shipping to all Mommy on Fire readers with the code MommyOnFire to be entered at checkout.  To reach retro101’s new online shopping site, click here.

She’s sweet enough to allow this special to be good through Sunday but after Sunday, no more free shipping. I’ll announce the winner Friday morning and if you don’t win, you can scurry on over and order yourself one.

Good luck, sisters. And don’t forget: love all. Even the triple coupon users.




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