It’s quiet and I’m sipping coffee. Alone.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Anyway, I thought I would dive into Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday because I’m guessing five minutes of this peace is probably all I’ll get this morning. But I’ll take it. Not complaining, just living in reality.

Our topic today? Rhythm…



The slow-down vibe of a splashy pool. The sea air. The shells that pierce our feet but we don’t care so we keep walking.

The we-don’t-have-to-get-up-at-any-certain-time. The we-don’t-have-to-race-across-town-by-8 a. m. blessing.

The stopping for ice cream at three o’clock in the afternoon because . . . why not?

The parks and the picnics and the teeball and the “Mom, did you see me hit that ball real far?”

The time with a girl who is usually at school five days a week all day. The relishing I’m doing in the un-rush of the summer hours.

The giggles of siblings not being hurried, enjoying their non-overscheduled schedule because mama needs a break  most of all.

The time together just playing and loving each other.

It’s the summer rhythm.

A rhythm I could surely get used to.


Hop on over and visit Lisa-Jo’s site for more thoughts on rhythm . . .

Five Minute Friday


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