So it’s summer . . . This means I don’t have any writing time really at all until August 14. But who’s counting.

And here’s the other interesting thing about this particular summer . . . My kids are now old enough to stay up a little bit later. In the past, it didn’t matter that it felt like the noonday sun was peeking through our windows at bedtime because everyone still dropped into their beds at a somewhat normal time and that was that. But now it matters.

Later bedtimes mean less time for myself in the evenings to do things that help me stay sane. You can deduct your own conclusions based on that statement.

Hint: Sanity is slipping.  I’m sure my husband hasn’t noticed this (!) but I have.

The other day, my dear friend Shelly, who is an incredible worship leader, shared the new Hillsong United CD with me.

I’m loving it. Big time.

Hillsong always has to throw in a few dancey-ish types of songs that make me think of club-type ’80’s music but if you can get past the two songs that exhibit this vibe, you will discover a gem.

There are so many good ones but my favorite one thus far is “Tapestry.”

So I share it with you today because it’s late and I don’t have time to write anything too intensely meaningful because I’m brain-dead after repeatedly saying things like “Please don’t rub your sweaty socks on your sister’s legs,” and “No, you cannot poop in the back yard.”

My life is so glamorous it scares me sometimes.

Enjoy, friends.




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