Joining in Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday again because well . . . it’s summer. My kids are home. All of the time.

Five minutes is all I got, sister. My guess is you’re rowing the same boat.

Today’s prompt is “In between” . . .



In between the wrong and right.

In between the yes and no.

In between the ready and not ready.

In between the hope and  despair.

In between the should have and could have.

In between the tired answers and energetic bursts of housework.

In between the loving words between man and wife and the sharp answers fueled by stress.

In between the really great and the really bad.

In between the black and white.

Grey resides.

And the grey is where I sit on most matters.

Except one.

He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow as He is today.

It’s the only black and white I can get behind completely.

So today, I take solace in that one black and white and live in between on the rest.


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