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My oldest son/middle child, Samuel, is a complete commercial junkie. In fact, I have to limit the amount of commercials he’s exposed to because he begins to sound like a used car salesmen the more he sees.

“Mom, you really should get that stuff you put in the toilets so you don’t have to clean them as much,” he suggested. (For the record, we use them already. I’ll try anything that suggests less toilet bowl cleaning.)

“You know, mom, we can train the cat to use the toilet,” he shared. (For the record, we tried it. Epic fail.)

“Mom, did you know they make pillows to go over our seat belts so we can take a nap when we go on long car trips?” he asks. (For the record, we don’t ever drive more than 8 hours in the car with our children. We tried it. Once. Never. Again.)

So the other day, I was making dinner and Samuel said he saw a commercial for a book that explains how to treat common household problems with stuff you likely already have around the house.

“Mom, did you know we can kill roaches with wine?” he asks.

“No, buddy, I didn’t know that,” I half-heartedly answer because it’s the witching hour and I’m trying to feed a cranky brood of children who’ve been swimming all day.

“I thought you would want to know because you have PLENTY of wine,” he adds and casually walks to the backyard to play baseball.

Bending down to remove the cheesy chicken from the oven, my head snaps to attention. I was listening completely now.

And also feeling super grateful he didn’t share this information during circle time at the Christian kindergarten class he’ll start in the fall.

Thankfully, I don’t think we will have a roach problem we can’t control anytime soon.

Yet another reason to stock wine in the house.





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