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I know you are all busy manufacturing and packaging the most wonderful and, of course, MUST-have toys for the upcoming holiday season so I thought I would offer some tips from a mom who does all of the Christmas shopping. (Which means, the one who makes the decisions on where I’ll throw down our hard-earned cash.)

First of all, if you put a ridonkulously high price tag on a toy such as this:


I darn well expect 1) it will be able to be assembled without an engineering degree, 2) there won’t be 5.7 billion small pieces I sweep up in my sweeper, 3) it better STAY assembled (see number one) and 4) it better not take up half of my sons’ bedroom when it IS assembled.

Secondly, see those nice little plastic screws holding the toys in place in the box in the photo above? Yes. Use them. Please. With all of your packaging. For all of your toys.

Bad words can be said when too many of those little plastic ties can’t be broken fast enough or when I pierce my skin with the jaggers of the plastic edges I’m cutting through. Do you want to be responsible for expletives uttered around the Christmas tree on such a holy morning? I blame you for my usage of the word that rhymes with “it” last year. In front of my children, mind you. Yes. It IS all your fault.

Lastly, I’m looking at toys this year with Garage Sale potential. Meaning I now see through your “Fun for Five Minutes” type of toys that end up in the spring garage sale or Goodwill trip versus “Fun for At Least A Year” toys. I’m over the “Fun for Five Minutes” toys–and if they have small parts? Game. Over.

I read somewhere that the more parts a toy possesses, the more it promotes critical thinking among the children who play with it.

We will find other ways to promote critical thinking in our house, thankyouverymuch.

Let me be the first to break it to you, Mattel . . .

There’s isn’t a mother alive on the planet who likes toys with uber small parts.

Trust me.

So I thank you for creating fun and exciting toys for our children to play with. But I’m on to you.


And for your information, I’m not alone. Check out the HI-larious video and song below.



A Mother With a Very Full Sweeper and Bloody Hands



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