It’s true that we’ve all coveted the normalcy of a firmer schedule since the end of July.

It’s true that perhaps we are finally grilled-out, laked-out, pooled-out, and popsicled-out.

It’s true that we’ll miss all of the above like crazy in January.

Yet it’s also true we need some spaces in our togetherness.

But tonight . . . Oh, tonight.

It was the last night of summer and while I made an announcement yesterday proclaiming that “We are pretending school starts tomorrow” and insisted we follow the school-year schedule for the entire week, I couldn’t make myself be the sheriff who reigned in the incessant giggles and snow-coned rimmed mouths.

Tonight was it. Tomorrow night will be a school night and this sheriff will definitely be blowing the whistle before 8:30 p.m.

But not tonight . . . Oh, tonight. I was reminded of what summers are really for . . .


Late afternoon naps in a favorite chair . . .

kings of hill 2

Climbing the rocks of Happy Hollow Park and proclaiming to be “Princes of the Hill” . . .

sunflower boy

Posing in front of the sunflowers you planted and watered in a mismatched outfit you chose to wear for the day simply because you can . . .

smelling sunflower

Smelling their sweetness and knowing you were in a partnership with God to help new life shoot from the ground . . .

Kona Ice

Nine words: The Kona Ice Truck finally came to our neighborhood.

Oh, the joy . . .

garden boxes

The clearing of flowered produce and attacked broccoli from beds that won’t be used again until the spring . . .


And while we are talking about broccoli, what on earth happened to mine this year?

Gazing at three blue smiles stained with blue rasberry snow-cone juice, I tell them we’ll play until their friends have to go in.

Knowing I had professed otherwise just one night before, all three separately say “Thanks, Mama.”

Gratitude not sought from our children is the sweetest kind there is.

So just for tonight, I taste the bitter end of summer – and I just want to spit it out.

What about you? Are you ready for summer to be over or are you wishing it would last a bit longer? What’s your favorite thing about summer? Tell me in the comments – I love to hear from you!

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