It’s the end of an era.

Not completely quite yet. But coming at the end of the week.

When I prayed about starting a blog almost five years ago, I asked God to reveal a name that would be catchy and appeal to other women like me – always on the go, never feeling truly “caught-up” with pureed peas on her shirt and exhausted bags under her eyes. Yet she still ran after Jesus. She was “on fire” for Him.

In a room of the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee during the MOPS Convention in 2008, it came to me while in prayer:

Mommy on Fire.

I would be on fire because, well, I always felt (and often still do) like I was on fire. More surviving than thriving because I had three children ages three and under and a husband who was a new partner in a dental office. In case you don’t know about the tooth world, this means he wasn’t home much. Perhaps you can relate to this equation:

1 mama + 3 children under three years old + 1 husband who wasn’t around much = 1 woman always on fire.

Yet He sustained me during that season. He worked in me and through me and every which way but loose, sisters. I’m guessing you’ve been there, too.

But lately, I’ve been feeling like it’s time to say good-bye to the mommy who was always on fire. The thing is . . . my kids don’t even call me mommy anymore (and yes, this makes me slightly sad.)

And so we say good-bye to this “brand” – which is the fancy way of saying what you’re known for in the online world.

My brand has been “Mommy on Fire” for almost five years now but since last spring, I felt that nudge you know you would be fool to ignore. Disobedience is always far more costly in the end.

And so later this week, we will say adieu to Mommy on Fire.

But we will welcome

It will look different around here and I’m putting together some giveaways for the relaunch.

However . . .  The content and the voice will remain the same.

If you like Mommy on Fire on Facebook, perhaps you’ve already noticed we changed from Mommy on Fire to Natalie Chambers Snapp, Author and Speaker?

I would love for you to join us there as well because I plan to post some stuff over there that I won’t post here. There are also other things coming down the pike but this is all we can go into right now – mostly because it’s late and if I don’t go to bed soon, I will not be a nice person tomorrow.

We’ll continue our sex talk tomorrow (because I gave you my word, friends) but from then on, we’re going to be a little quiet over here while I concentrate on the migration to the new site and getting my ducks in a row. Which of course you know will likely take more than a week but if I wait until those quackers are all lined-up, I won’t ever be back.

And so I thank you for walking with me during these Mommy on Fire years. I ask that you pray for this new transition and I also ask that you would pray about sharing this site with others you know who might benefit from community and knowing they’re not rowing their boat alone.

We’re real here. We’re not always happy here but we spur one another on. And every day, we keep showing up for the game.






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