So today is the day, friends. We have a winner of the Kindle Fire XD . . .

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Robbin, Rafflecopter is your new BFF. He/She/It chose YOU out of 1, 310 entries . . .

And so today, I join one of my favorite link-ups – good ole’ Five Minute Friday from Lisa Jo Baker.

Today’s topic? Grace.

How timely. Grace has been shaking the walls of my heart.

And so I write for five minutes: GO

It’s an exhale, a deep breath. The words “You too?” It comes in when all else goes out. The cool, unexpected breeze on a smoldering August day, the warm cup of tea in the middle of January. The gentle forgiveness when you know you’ve done wrong. It’s the words woven into a perfect tapestry of truth and love.

It’s grace.

And grace? It’s not a choice. If I want to be forgiven, then I must forgive, too. That’s forgiveness grace.

But then there’s behavior grace – grace we show when we’re in touchy situations. Like when someone has done us wrong and we respond with gentleness and kindness – even when we don’t feel like it. Or when we do something we don’t want to do because we know it’s for the greater good. Or when we’re willing to overlook the flaws of others and focus instead on the good of who they are.

Behavior grace moves in the opposite spirit of where our flesh wants us to go.

Forgiveness grace and behavior grace meet in the middle on the grounds of the Holy Spirit.

A triple-breaded cord that cannot be broken.


For more thoughts on grace, click here . . .

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Grace to you . . .

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