I love being a contributing writer for a ministry who’s purpose makes my heart tick.

I’m beyond-passionate about encouraging our daughters to grow-into young women who have the power to change the world.

Three years ago, my dear friend, Erin Bishop, felt a nudge to start a ministry for tween and teen girls and their mothers.

A ministry that would bring mothers and daughters together to talk about the hard stuff and bring them together to laugh about the good stuff. A ministry that would give the girls a support network during the elementary and secondary years of school. A ministry that would empower our girls to be women who love, support, and spur one another on.

Naturally, since my book (being released now in the fall of 2014) is entitled Heart Sisters: Being the Friend You Want to Have, it was clear to both Erin and I why He wove our paths together as friends five year ago.

Currently, Erin is trying to raise $5,000 by December for the ministry. Would you join me in  prayerfully consideration of financially supporting this ministry during the 10:3 Campaign?  All monies generated will go directly to the ministry and the amazing conference being held in Spokane in the spring of 2014.

And if you have a daughter? You should totally come. And bring her with you. Click here to register.

Sarah and I will be there and we can’t wait to meet you, too.

For a direct link to the 10:3 Campaign, click here.

And I thank you. From the bottom of my mama heart.



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