I interrupt this very windy evening here in the Midwest to reveal the winner of our $50 Amazon card and Color by Amber skinnies . . .

But first . . .

It seems off somehow to report such a trivial type of thing (though enjoyable and fun) when tornadoes swept through our community today. We are fine but there are many in Tippecanoe County who are not.

May I humbly ask for prayer for them all? I don’t believe there were any fatalities but there are many who lost everything as well as very costly damages to schools and businesses.

Because I believe in being front-line responders, stay posted as I sort through ways we can help those impacted by this latest natural disaster. I’m also nursing a bleeding heart for those in the Philippines so we’ll see what we can do there, too.

So on that note . . . I picked a winner. No, not that kind of winner. Gross. (Can you tell I live with boys? I have one daughter, of course, but we are grossly outnumbered. And I do mean grossly . . . )

Congratulations to the beautiful, bubbly red-head from Florida, sweet Stacy O’Neill! Stacy and I connected a few years ago through my blog and let me tell you . . . I love this woman something fierce. And to prove I didn’t rig the picking, allow me to show you this from our friend Mr. Rafflecopter:

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 8.22.43 PM

A special thank you to each of you for coming to our housewarming party – both here and on the Facebook page. We’ll be doing more over there that we won’t do here so if you still haven’t hit the “Like” button on the author page, well, then . . . what are you waiting for? Get your buns over there by clicking here… And I thank you super much.



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