So last week, we had ourselves a grand ole’ time over at the Facebook page. (To visit, click here.)

Several people donated to the housewarming party and I would like to say a special thank you to each of them.  If you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping, here you go, friends. Look no further. Today, I’m writing thank you notes. Public thank you notes.

Now . . . go support these ladies. Smiley face.

A special thank you to:

1. Rendi Tharp from Origami Owl. OK . . . I didn’t know much about Origami Owl before this giveaway and let me tell you . . . I looove it. Here’s the cool thing: you can customize any necklace. Here’s how it works: 1) Pick the charms you would like to put in your locket, 2) choose a locket style, 3) select a chain, 4) pick a plate and 5) add little dangles (charms) if you so desire. Here’s an example of some finished products:

origami owl

Honestly, I can’t do it all justice so you’ll need to visit Rendi’s site (click here) and poke around.

2. Tara Plantenga from Tastefully Simple: Oh, yum. I glanced through this catalog and let me tell you, this is the answer for those who are short on time but long on places to go with food in tow. I’ve had the Beer Bread and it’s amazing (there’s a gluten-free option now, too!) and I’m dying to try the Sundried Tomato Bisque. Yum. Check out that yummy goodness . . .  To visit Tara’s site, click here.




3. Julie Pepple from Thirty One Gifts: I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with Thirty One but you know what I didn’t know? The company is named “Thirty One” from Proverbs 31. We purchased the large utility tote last year and I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. It hauls stuff all over the place: swimsuits in the summer, school papers during the year (we still lose them but that’s just inevitable), random stuff that needs to be returned to other people, you name it . . . And did I mention it can be monogrammed? Click here to visit Julie’s Thirty One site . . .

2010 large utility tote_full

4. Tiffany Morreale from Lia Sophia Jewelry: This sister donated a very sought-after RETIRED necklace that had everyone spinning a bit. Lia Sophia jewelry is pretty and trendy and well . . . you probably aren’t a stranger to it. Here’s the necklace she donated:

lia sophia

I know, I know. I wanted it, too. You can visit Tiffany’s website by clicking here . . .

5. Tammy Akins from Really Roxie: Entrepreneur Tammy Akins began Really Roxie this year and it’s, well, really awesome . . . (why yes, I know I’m a cheeseball.) Really Roxie offers many styles of jewelry as well as infinity scarves. I love this one:


and this one is super popular, too . . .

black_white really roxie

And did I mention they’re priced at $14.99? You can visit Really Roxie by clicking here for their site and here for their Facebook page.

6. Melissa Bishop from Color by Amber: Oh, these bracelets. They are so my style. Check these out:


I know this exact photo was up last Friday but I love these and I wanted to share it again. But you know what I love most about Color by Amber? It’s a company with a conscious. Their Full Circle Program supports female artisans from Senegal, Mali, Nepal, and South America by offering fair trade wages and benefits. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to help fund important infrastructure and training projects in the countries listed above. Pretty cool, huh?

You can visit Melissa’s site by clicking here.

7. Libby Russell from Arbonne International: Not only is she a wonderful teacher who happens to teach my child, she’s also a skin specialist with Arbonne International. Libby donated an Ultimate Facial for Five as a local giveaway.  Click here to learn more about Arbonne’s products – it’s good stuff, friends. If you are interested in talking to Libby, you can email me at ncsnapp at gmail dot com and I’ll put you in touch with her.

And there you have it, friends. I like to support those who support the stuff I like and care about. So if you like it around here, you would bless me so visited their sites and considered some of these products for your holiday shopping (yes, it can be shopping for you, too. I think you deserve it.)



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