Pssst. Lean in here, friends.

Can I tell us all something?

Pinterest can be dangerous. (So can Facebook but you know I’ve talked about that before.)

I know, I know. There’s all kinds of great recipes and craft ideas (for those of you brave enough to do crafts) and decorating ideas.  You name it – Pinterest’s got it. I admit I’ve flocked to it several times to help in a pinch and it helped indeed.

But here’s the thing: sometimes I think Pinterest makes us all forget we live in the real world.

I know it gives us ideas for easier ways to do things and I’m all for that.

But I’m talking about the standard we consciously or subconsciously set for ourselves. While I won’t place ALL the blame on Pinterest’s shoulders, sometimes I think it really doesn’t help the cause much.

All I’m saying is this: guard your heart as you are perusing social media.

‘Tis the season to consult and fill our to-do lists and let me tell you – it’s a noisy world.

And in my experience, the noise can drown-out the very voice who is desperately trying to reach us – like the voice of our child. Or our spouse. Or most importantly, God.

Understand that your quiche may not look like the photo on Pinterest.

Your crafts may not, either. (Mine for sure wouldn’t. Guaranteed.)

Your daughter’s hair may not hold a fishtail braid for very long even if you watch the tutorial.

And your Christmas cookies may not turn out like this:


As long as you’re OK with that, then you’re all good.

If you aren’t OK with that and you’re going to lose-it if they don’t, then for crying out loud . . .  step away now.

Having a healthy relationship with Pinterest means you understand your own attempts might not look like the featured photo in the pin.

Having a healthy relationship with Facebook means you understand that EVERYONE looks happy and is doing just perfectly.

And having a healthy relationship means you know there’s often more to say than what 140 characters can express.

‘Tis the season to guard your heart, friends. Let’s remember that while technology can be a blessing, it can also be a curse. It’s a tool and with any tool, it’s up to us how we use it.

“Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” – Proverbs 4:23

Now exhale.



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