Oh my stars.

I was praying over how God wanted this information to be shared and yep, as predicted, He nudged me to go the least comfortable route – He nudged me to vlog.

I think most of you know I would like to hide behind the words that come from my laptop, which means I prefer to write any old day. There’s a delete button for crying out loud. I need delete buttons.

A few years ago, I did a vlog series and I abandoned it because the lighting always needed to be perfect and if I said something I regretted, I had to start all the way over and honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I chose the path of least resistance and went back to the comfy old chair of writing.

I’ll vlog each Monday through the end of February (possibly into the first few weeks of March) and it will be grossly amateur and unedited.

But the message will challenge us because we are going to talk about loving each other well.

Since it’s the kick-off, it’s just a bit longer than four minutes but I will try to keep them to under four minutes in the future. Again, ain’t nobody got time for more than that in the video world. At least that’s what research says.

I hope you will join me in the Love Well Project during the next few weeks – Happy 2014, friends!


Also, I’m blessed to be hosting “Inspire Me Mondays” with some of my favorite people (spear-headed by Angie Ryg.) Click below for some fun inspiration!

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