Oh, friend. You get a glimpse of the real-deal Holyfield of who I am today.

Remember how I told you I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time editing, etc. because when I used to vlog way back when it darn-near sucked the life out of me? Please have grace with me.

Excuse the not so great lighting and the tough camera angles and try to just listen to the content if you would, pretty please.

How did everyone do on loving God above all else last week? Let us know what you did in the comments, please!

We’ll talk more about this whole loving your self thing tomorrow. In the meantime, take the next five minutes chatting with my ten-year-old dog, Ellie, and I.

Inspire Me Monday cropped 250x250

And don’t forget – I’m hosting along with sweet Angie, Cindy, and Denise . . . Inspire Me Mondays. Here are the super-easy directions:

1. Write, show, or share something that will inspire others. It can be one thing or a compilation like I did. It can be a quick thing like a quote or a longer thing like sharing some verses in the Bible and what it says to you. Anything goes.

2. No blog? No worries… share in your comments something that could inspire others.

3. Link back over here using that sweet little button made just for this or a blog link and invite your friends.

3. Link up your blog and join the community of inspiring people by using the cute little linky tool.

4. Use the URL of your specific post, not just your home page. We want to get right to the inspiration that you are sharing with us!

5. Visit a couple others, but especially the one right before you to give a little encouragement! This is the fun part ~ already encouraging and inspiring others right from the get go!

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