Hi, Friends! With the loss of my friend last week, I wasn’t able to finish our discussion on self-care. Thank you for your grace.

Just to re-cap . . . We are called to love God above all. Next, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Yet, it’s impossible to love our neighbors as ourselves when we’re empty and tired.

Next week, we’ll talk about loving our husbands – which, might I add, goes hand-in-hand with taking care of ourselves.

The snow was falling, my house was empty (miracles do happen), and I had coffee. How about you get a cup and join me?


So to review . . .  Grab a piece of paper and write out what you will do for each of the categories below this week . . . Feel free to leave it in the comments – I want to hear from you!

What will you do for yourself in the areas of:

1. Sleep

2. Exercise

3. Food

4. Pleasure

5. Fun

And since I’m writing ahead for this week and next (waaaay behind) I’m going to spend the rest of the week posting stuff that will encourage you to prioritize yourself. Healthy tricks I’ve learned, recipes, good book recommendations . . .

Take care of YOU because YOU matter and YOU are loved, my friend.

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And don’t forget – I’m hosting along with sweet Angie, Cindy, and Denise . . . Inspire Me Mondays. Here are the super-easy directions:

1. Write, show, or share something that will inspire others. It can be one thing or a compilation like I did. It can be a quick thing like a quote or a longer thing like sharing some verses in the Bible and what it says to you. Anything goes.

2. No blog? No worries… share in your comments something that could inspire others.

3. Link back over here using that sweet little button made just for this or a blog link and invite your friends.

3. Link up your blog and join the community of inspiring people by using the cute little linky tool.

4. Use the URL of your specific post, not just your home page. We want to get right to the inspiration that you are sharing with us!

5. Visit a couple others, but especially the one right before you to give a little encouragement! This is the fun part ~ already encouraging and inspiring others right from the get go!

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