Well, well, well . . . Didn’t I just have the best of intentions?

I thought I was going to be super-productive and work a week ahead and not skip a beat here on the blog while I run away for a much-needed vacation with my hubby.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Life happened.

The midwest, along with many parts of the U.S., is experiencing record-low temperatures and therefore, we’ve had two days of two-hour delays this past week.

I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but I had plans for those four hours, friends.

Then there’s the book I had to write for the team of people caring for the kids and groceries to buy and laundry to do and well . . . you know.

I’m not for one second going to whine about it too much because I absolutely realize this is a first-world problem. However, as I write this, on this eve before we are to depart to a warm location south of the equator, my middleman is battling the worst case of stomach flu he’s ever had.

And it’s 12:52 a.m. And I’m exhausted. And I have nothing written for next week. And I’m not going to because whatever I would write at this moment will be junk. Kind of like thisit’s not Pulitzer material but it’s real-life material.

So here’s what we’ll do . . . For this next week, write in your calendar something you will do each day to 1) love God above all else and 2) love yourself. Write it down. Seriously. You’ll be more apt to do it if you’re intentional. Trust me on this one – I’m the queen of loosey-goosey but when I started to live with a bit more intentionality, life started to change for the better.

We’ll pick up on February 5th with “Loving Our Husbands Well . . . ” Let’s all rest-up for that one, sisters (and for you brothers, it will apply to you as well – just for your wives…)

If I could reach through this screen and kiss you, I would, but because I can’t, my cyber love will have to do.

I will miss you.


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