So I haven’t done this in a while – I love the idea of Five Minute Friday! Set the timer, write on the chosen word for the week, and that’s all! Easy peasy. Today’s prompt?

Crowd . . .

At first glimpse, a crowd is a mass of faces, each going separate directions – a collective whole instead of individuals.

But if you look closer, see between the running and the texts and calls coming in and going out, you will see authentic life.

The man who just lost his job.

The woman whose marriage has hit crisis level.

The college student who’s worried he’ll fail his biochemistry exam and might not graduate on-time.

The collective whole is one large unit but the individuals making up that unit? They’re real.

And it’s beautiful.

Because when we look beyond the shiny exterior and see past the front-porch, that’s when we see the work that only He can do.

We see the broken and exhale because we are, too.

We see the lonely and attempt to reach-out because we’ve been there, too.

And we see the lost sheep and try to help corral because who knows when it will be our turn to be that wandering lamb?

To some, a crowd is overwhelming. Too much. Irritating.

But not to Jesus.

Crowds once followed Him everywhere.

And so we walk through our crowds and try not to get irritated when it’s slowing us down. We try not to hurry everyone because there’s an agenda to follow and it’s all about our very own. We try not to judge each person who walks by.

Instead, we see the real. We embrace it. And we say thank you for the power of humility, vulnerability, and grace that allows us all to be molded.

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Five Minute Friday

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