Confession: I didn’t really plan on having sons.

When you’re a teacher, you’re often pegged for your strengths and well . . . you get a classroom of those who need your help the most.

Strong reading teachers will often receive struggling readers. Those with social challenges will likely get the compassionate “mom”-like teacher.

Guess who got the reputation as being good with squirrelly boys?

Yes. Yours truly.

And if I may also confess, I loved them so. They were adorable and fun and non-stop.

But then I got to send them home at 3 o’clock everyday.

When we talked about getting married and having children, Jason and I thought we would have all girls. We never even entertained the thought of having boys. There’s no scientific-basis to this in the least – we just predicted we would be one estrogen filled home.

When the woman performing the ultrasound announced our second child would be a boy, I panicked.

What on earth do I with a boy?

I had the girl thing down. Pink. Tea parties. Glitter. Lots of coloring. Books.

Of course, once he arrived I was smitten. “You’ll need to prepare your heart for how much little boys love their mommies,” a friend told me.

She was correct but she didn’t tell me how much I would fall in love with him.

Sure, there were and still are moments of exasperation because for crying out loud . . . the energy. The energy. The energy.

But now that we have two of those little critters (15 months apart nonetheless!), I am one smitten mama.

Yet I understand the magnitude of responsibility we as mothers have to raise our boys up to be Godly men.

I want them to be amazing husbands. I want them to fight for what’s right and anger with a righteous anger over what isn’t. I want them to hold doors and pull-out chairs and buy their wives flowers for no reason at all.

Admittedly, we have a few steps to go before we get there – enter my friend’s new book, Praying for Boys.


When Brooke McGlothlin released it last month, I knew it would be popular and it is. Praying for Boys very quickly reached the top 500 books on Amazon and this is one huge feat, friends.

Starting on March 31, we will begin our online study of Brooke’s book (now that’s fun to say!), Praying for Boys.

I want nothing more than for you to join me. If you are feeling even the smallest nudge, please . . . we’d love to have you walk through this with us.

If you don’t have boys, never fear. We’ll do something for girls soon, too. However, you may still be interested in reading along here on the blog because very likely, someday your daughter will want to marry and you’ll want her to choose one of our sons to be the lucky husband. :)

And here’s the fun part…Those who register this week will be entered to win a copy of the book! We’ll select a winner on Friday evening so get yourself registered now! Simply leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win one of the four copies I’ll be giving away…

Here are the details:

1. The study will last six weeks.

2. Each Monday, I’ll post (here on the blog) an overview of the chapters and ask you to respond to what you’ve read in the comment section.

3. If you are on Facebook, we’ll form a group for a weekly discussion on raising up Godly men. This will be at a specific day of the week and time each week so we can actually feel like we’re talking to each other right at that moment – oh fun!

What do you need to do? Simply purchase Praying for Boys by March 31. You can do that by clicking the link below.

Are you in? Tell me in the comments below who’s going to join us – come on, friends…Let’s do this together for the sake of our boys!

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