So . . . wow.

Sometimes I feel a nudge to do something around here, like host a book study or a link-up –  something I’ve never done in the four years I’ve been blogging.

The thought of doing either of these terrifies me because it’s sort of like inviting people to your birthday party and no one shows-up.

But I felt the nudge to lead a study of Praying for Boys because I know I need to pray for my own boys something fierce. I stood firm and silenced the voices of fear and out of sheer obedience, I took a leap of faith.

I expected 15-20 women of precious boys to join our study.

As of right now, there are 145 women who want to commit to praying for their sons.

To say I’m excited and flabbergasted and thankful is just plain putting it mildly. We are going to praying for many, many boys.

The response has also told me this:

1. We love our boys.

2. We want to commit to praying for them to become Godly men.

3. We desire community because we aren’t too proud to say we aren’t sure we’re doing this right.

I’ll jump on in a bit to announce the winners of the four copies I’m giving away, but I wanted to get some housekeeping out of the way on this fine Friday . . .

1. Click the link below to order your copy of Praying for Boys if you haven’t already done so.

2. If you would like to join our Facebook group, please click this link and request to join. I will cross-check that you’ve registered via this blog post  then I’ll approve your request. (I’m doing this only to keep spammers out. Unfortunately, it happens.)

Why should you consider joining the Facebook group?

While it is my desire we create a community right here on the blog, I also know a private group might be more, well . . . private. I would love to see this group pray for one another and genuinely support each other in this journey of raising boys and I think this is a great way to do just that.

Also, we will be having Facebook chats on Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. This is not mandatory but rather just another way we can get to know each other and encourage one another in the raising of our boys.

3. If you entered your email address when you registered, I have your email address.  If you didn’t and would like to add your email to my private list (if I need to send emails, I will only do so as a blind copy – only my address will appear) send me a message at

4. We will discuss the Foreword and “Boys Are a Battle Zone” on Monday, March 31.

* We will still allow others to join us but they just won’t be entered to win a copy of the book if it’s past Friday (sorry to state the obvious but I just wanted to be clear). By all means, if you have a friend who wants to join, they certainly can! Email me at and I’ll give them instructions. 

If you have questions, please ask them in the comment section! Just like when we were in school, someone else might have the same question…(Did I mention I was once a teacher?)

I am ridiculously excited to begin this journey with you, friends. Thank you for showing up to my birthday party. I’ll be on later today to announce our winners!



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