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So this week, we’ll focus on Chapter Three – “What is Prayer and Why Should We Do It?”

“O Lord, please let the man of God whom you sent come again to us and teach us what we are to do with the child who will be born.” – Judges 13:8

Can I get an “amen” anywhere out there? I felt this way after each of my three children were born.

Becoming a parent is indeed a joyous occasion but let’s not kid ourselves . . . it can also be terrifying.

There are countless moments of realizing you have no idea what you’re doing. There are even more moments when doubt creeps in and the guilt . . . oh, the guilt.

And yet.

I cannot ever express how much I love being a mother.

But I know I can’t do this alone because I am so incredibly inadequate. Embarrassingly so.

Yet He entrusted my husband and I to be the parents to these exact three children sleeping under our roof.

It’s no accident.

God entrusted us to raise these children even though He knows how disabled we are by the flesh. Even though we sinned horribly in the past. Even though we sin now. Even though He knows how at the end of our ropes we sometimes feel.

Even though.

He knows we can’t do it alone because quite simply . . . we lack the strength.

But strength is exactly what our boys need to fight agains the ruler of the earth. He doesn’t have to be strapping and insanely strong like Samson to be a mighty warrior for God because being a mighty warrior for God has nothing to do with physical strength.

Prayer, my friends, is the only way we can achieve the goal I know we all have for each of our sons: to become godly men who lead their families well and leave this earth a little bit better than when they arrived.

On page 22, Brooke talks about four parts of prayer: talking, asking, listening, and believing.

Talking is simply having a conversation with God in a way you would anyone else. He is your friend and when we talk to friends, it doesn’t have to be formal. As with any relationship, authenticity and vulnerability are the keys to safety between two people. He wants us to be real, friends.

Asking God to show us where we can change as a mother is critical as well. I don’t know about you, but so often I realize the very situation that is making me pull out my hair is actually being made worse by my own actions. I love this quote from page 27:

“…God revealed to me that I had been entering the battle with my sons, not for them. When they had tantrums, I had tantrums (ugly, but true) right back. I was losing my cool, and in my attempts to just get them to stop and obey me, I was actually teaching them to respond exactly the way they were.”

Anyone else with her on this one? I know without a shadow of a doubt I am.

If we can humble ourselves to the Lord, we can humble ourselves to others. Humility is the key to all safe relationships.

Listening to God comes through prayer but also by reading God’s word. The more we familiarize ourselves with His teachings, promises, and truths, the more we trust Him and the more we trust Him, the more we listen to Him.

Quiet time doesn’t have to be in the morning, nor do you have to read for three hours at a time. Depending on your life season, you might just read a devotional and look up the corresponding scriptures. Or read one Proverb and one Psalm a day – or any part of the Bible for five minutes while you’re locked in the bathroom.

Lastly, believing God can be a challenge at times – especially when you think you’re life is in shambles. I know all about this as I’ve been there, sisters.

Yet I can say it with certainty – He doesn’t work on our time schedule. He works on His and it’s always perfect. Even when it doesn’t seem so perfect when we’re in the thick of it all, it is.

I love the quote Brooke shares on page 34 from Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life: “Strong Christians do pray more, but they pray more because they realize how weak they are. They don’t try to hide it from themselves. Weakness is a channel that allows them to access grace.”

The power of vulnerability.

I also love the question Brooke poses on 36: “Are our prayers more focused on what we want our sons to have, on how changes in their behavior will benefit us, or what we need to do to help them grow into godly men?”

Ouch. The sweet sting of conviction.

So let’s talk . . . In the comment section, pick at least one of these to discuss:

1. Do you have any ungodly beliefs about who God actually is? For example, do you see Him as an inaccessible father who can only be spoken to in formal language? Do you think He only loves you when we are doing well and behaving properly? Identifying lies we might believe about who God is is important in deepening our prayer life because prayer leads to a more intimate relationship with Him.

2. Which is the biggest challenge for you: talking, asking, listening, or believing?

3. What was something that caught your attention in this chapter?

Don’t forget about our chat on the Facebook page at 9 p.m. on Thursday night . . . We’ll discuss “Going It Alone” next Monday. Pray on, Mama Warriors!

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