Writing and reading have always come easy for her. She was incredibly verbal as a toddler and she has a way of arranging words into a poetic dance at just nine years of age. She doesn’t really have to work at it – to her, writing is as natural as walking.

But math is a different story – she has to work at it.

She was solving at the table and concentrating with a furrowed brow and a bitten lower lip.

“Want me to check them when you’re done?” I ask.

“No, mom, that’s OK. I like to do it on my own and then see what I’ve done wrong in class. I learn more when I make mistakes,” she states, not realizing the magnitude of wisdom in those seven words.

And being the mom, I couldn’t resist going into a bit of a sermon on how my own mistakes have been the best teachers I’ve ever had.

As I toss up the salad and remove the chicken from the oven, I stop.

I have to let her make mistakes. Mistakes become our best life teachers. 

I am who I am today because of the myriad of mistakes I’ve made – and will continue to make. I’m guessing you might be nodding right along with me on this one, friend.

So as we enter the next few very holy days, may we remember to remember why our mistakes can be turned from ashes to beauty. May we truly understand what cleansing means and how it happens. And may we experience a joy unspeakable so great and so deep that when we hear the tomb really was indeed empty, we understand that those mistakes . . . they’re gone, too.

Happy Easter, friends. We are resurrection people. It is a joy unspeakable I can’t even express.

What joy unspeakables have you experienced lately?

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