Lately, God has been convicting me of the power of loving truth.

Not the kind of truth that points fingers and condemns to hell and shames anyone who has ever sinned (which means us all).

But rather the kind of truth that is soft. Gentle. Real.

Harsh truth has the accuser’s best interest at heart while loving truth has the sinner’s best interest at heart.

Yesterday, I had the honor to spend an afternoon at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina with my friend and publisher, Pamela.

full barn billy graham

It was beautiful, yes. It was spiritual, yes. It was beyond-friendly, yes.

But most of all, it was truthful.

Billy Graham quote 5

Humbling and real.

Billy Graham quote 6


Billy Graham quote 4

Simple – no bells and whistles, no secret formulas.

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 Billy Graham quote 2


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Billy Graham mohawk

As the mother of small children, I was just as touched by the life of Ruth Graham. She was humble and kind, dedicated and patient. She raised five children with a husband who was on-the-road much of the time.

She was the powerhouse behind a great man.

As she and Reverend Graham were driving through town one day, she saw a sign that read “End of Construction – Thank you for your patience.”

She chuckled and said she wanted that to be on her tombstone.

Ruth Graham headstone

(Ruth was raised in China so her headstone also contains the Chinese symbol for righteousness.)

The Graham’s were not presidents. They weren’t among the wealthiest in our country. They didn’t have high-profile careers. In fact, Billy Frank was just a boy who hailed from a dairy farm family.

They were just regular people – like you and me.

And like King David, God used them because they said “yes” when He asked them to go.

So as we navigate our days today, as we fold laundry and run carpool and sit-in on a board meeting or finish that work project, let’s remember this one truth: God will use anyone for His kingdom. Anyone.

He doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. Black or white. Physically disabled or disabled by the flesh.

We just have to be willing to listen and go.

And that’s joy unspeakable.

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