I exhaled big as I walked down the aisle in that pink-skirted dress. It wasn’t white because it wasn’t my, nor his, first trip down the aisle.

Neither of us made it far enough in to our former marriages to understand the peaks and valleys all partnerships endure. Both of our prior marriages included mostly valleys sprinkled with addiction and infidelity.

Yet we still held-out hope that marriage was a good thing. We still believed in love and we wanted a do-over.

So after two years of dating, we did it.

I foolishly believed that because my new husband wasn’t plagued by drug addiction, we would have a picture-perfect marriage right out of a romantic comedy for all to envy.


I love that man more today than I did twelve years ago. We’ve entered in to a comfortable rhythm of understanding each other and growing when we don’t.

But let’s face it, sisters: marriage is freaking hard.

You want to know the two things God has used to refine me the most thus far? No, not the alcoholic, homeless father. No, not the ex-husband addicted to drugs. And no, not the death of my father.

He’s refined me the most through motherhood, yes . . . But oh, girls. Has He ever stuck a blow-torch in my face as He’s sculpted me into the kind of wife He desires for me to be.

Not to mention it’s especially difficult for those who didn’t necessarily see a healthy union growing up. It’s sort of like clutching to the side of a dark hallway and feeling your way as you go.

I’ve read a whole host of marriage books and I’ve taken nuggets from each of them. But none has challenged me more than the one we are about to read together.

god empowered wife cover

The God Empowered Wife: How Strong Women Can Help Their Husbands Become Godly Leaders by Karen Haught was an answer to prayer not so long ago when my marriage hit a bump and I was mostly to blame.

Here’s the summary from Amazon:

“Dear God, please change my husband!” This book is written for all women who want to understand how they work with God in their marriage and the things He wants to do in their husband’s hearts. Through the practical, modern application of biblical principles, you will learn to use your creativity, strength, and wisdom in ways you never imagined would be so effective. As effective for good, strong marriages as much as for those which are unequally yoked or failing, the results are nearly always surprising and exciting.

Anyone else ever shaken your fists hard at the sky with tears streaming down your face asking for God to just change him?

If this sounds like you, will you walk this path with me?

If so, here are the details:

1. This is a 12 week online study.

2. The reading plan will be shared once the majority have registered.

3. We will discuss what we’ve read each Monday on the blog and on Thursday evenings, I will host a group chat in a private Facebook group. In addition, we will pray for one another and our marriages  (this group will move from a Closed group to a Secret group once everyone has been added. Confidentiality will be greatly honored). You can ask to join the Facebook group by clicking here. Please note: this is optional. You do not have to join the Facebook group but I think it will enhance your study!

4. Our official start date will be on Monday, June 16. This will give you a day or two to pray it over and then when God tells you you should do this study, you can order the book and get reading. :)

So who’s in? Leave a comment below and let us know . . . Then go join the Facebook group and invite all of your friends by sharing this post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – icons below this post) or by sending an email invite…:)

Because marriage is the number one target for spiritual attack, sisters . . .

To order, click the icon below (and yes, this is an affiliate link. I will make close to nothing from it so I’m not trying to peddle an agenda here . . . )



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