So on Tuesday, we talked about this whole movement to be “radical” in our faith. You can read more about it here. This is Part Two…

Here’s the thing: we’re not all called to Africa. We’re not all called to sell everything, travel the country with an RV and proclaim Jesus to the world. We’re not all called to be homeless on Skid Row for months at a time. We’re not all called to adopt.

I’m incredibly thankful for those who are.

But sometimes, I think it can become more about showing the world just how “radical” we are. Sort of like a display of our works without really having to tell anyone. Our flesh takes the Jesus right on out and suddenly, it just becomes another way to receive recognition.

I know this sounds harsh. Please know that’s not my intent. And please know I understand that many do “radical” things without desiring recognition.

Sarah on Beach

I just know there are people out there, like me,  who constantly feel like they aren’t enough for the church as a body.

They’re not radical enough.

They’re not spiritual enough.

They’re not in the word enough.

They’re not giving enough.

They’re not volunteering enough.

They’re not contributing to their specific church enough.

And to all of this I say . . . Enough.

Sarah on Beach 2

You want to know what I think is radical?

Radical is my friend Betty’s mom, Winkie (yes, that’s what they call her – don’t you just love it?), who’s 88 years old and has sat in the same chair every day with a thick binder full of names and prayed for them for more than 54 years.

Radical is my Meemo, who is also 88 and in the same chair since I’ve known her (41 years that would be) sharing turtle-like wisdom with  grace upon grace upon grace to those she loves.

Radical is my friend Katrina who encourages and loves on women and devotes much of her life to authentically leading the women’s ministry at our church.

Radical is Laurie who is gifted in all things food who now works in the cafeteria of her kids’ school where she can use her gifts AND model love.

Radical is my friend Shelly who leads worship like an angel. Radical is Rachel who encourages everyone she knows with just the right scripture for just the right time. Radical is Melinda who will flat-out tell you when you’re believing a lie from the enemy.

Radical is Jill who will do anything, ANYTHING for a friend in need.

Radical is my other Rachel who shoots it to you straight all wrapped-up in love. Radical is Kelli who serves so quietly and behind-the-scenes you would never know she was even around.

Radical is you if you smile at a stranger, hold the door open for the woman who’s juggling three kids and a gaping purse leaving a trail of receipts while wearing pajamas, or let someone in front of you in the line of traffic.

Radical is anyone who chooses kindness instead of rudeness, grace instead of unforgiveness, and peace instead of bitterness.

Sarah on Beach 3

So if you’re feeling like you just aren’t anything enough today, let me just say this: enough.

Enough of feeling less than.

Enough of feeling like you aren’t doing enough.

Enough of worrying what others will think of you if you don’t do __________.

Enough. Just enough of the not enough.

I’m not saying we should all be apathetic and never do anything drastic for the kingdom – but I am saying we can do something drastic for the kingdom just by doing small, everyday things during the daily minutiae of life.

You are radical, kind friend. You show Jesus to a world through all those small things that add up to the big.

That’s radical. And that’s enough.

Sarah on Beach 4



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