It’s Friday and on Fridays, it’s time to exhale and just laugh. Here’s some stuff that made me laugh this week:


(You will now sing that song for the rest of the day. Sorry.)

monkey and circus
Because my own circus is crazy enough . . .

Dance like no one's watching. Because everyone is on their phones, so no one is watching

See . . . there ARE some advantages to living in a screen-obsessed world!

Seriously . . . I would be in major trouble. I only know my mom’s number and Jason’s number by heart and I’m not sure either of them would come and get me . . .


I’m sorry. I’ve never experienced this in real life, of course, but maybe some of you have (this is called a Marriage Protection Disclaimer).

Most of this stuff came from my Pinterest boards so I would love to see you over there, too. Click here to go to my boards.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! We might closed around here on Monday due to some technical work so I’ll see you early next week!

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