Last summer, I received a catalog in the mail. This is the cover.

July 4 catalog take 2 - edited

As I was perusing the usual stack of bills and Papa John’s coupons, I darn near spit-out the water I was drinking . . .

Because, seriously? No one, NO ONE, looks like this on July 4.

First off, this couple has FIVE children. There’s nothing wrong with having five children but the people I know who have five or more children don’t pull off moments like this very often – if ever at all.

Secondly, I have three kids and I have never, ever, felt like sitting on the edge of a convertible with my knee up and donning my best sultry pose during a family photo. Family photos in our house are NOT FUN. Ever. It’s everything within me just to even stand up and smile for crying out loud . . .

Third, none of those kids are pinching each other, complaining about someone else’s shoe touching their leg, or asking if they can have a snack. Again, NOT REAL.

Fourth, are those the grandparents? And I don’t know about you, and maybe I’m just admitting that we’re a little Midwestern, but my kids are wearing the most tackiest, sparkling red, white and blue accessories they can find. Headbands with stars, necklaces that light up, patriotic t-shirts from Meijer . . . Clothes they can move around in because July 4 is about fun. They also often have a permanent red/blue/green halo of color around their mouths from massive popsicle consumption.


July 4 spencer

Lastly, I’m certain if my husband ever wore such a get-up on July 4, he would be one very hot (as in temperature), cranky man. It’s usually in the upper 80’s or mid 90’s around here in the summer.

After I received this hysterical catalog, I kept my eyes open for other photos in the media that are just so completely not even close to anywhere in reality.

It’s no wonder we have comparison issues and feel like we’re “less than” sometimes – the images in these catalogs are completely posed, perfect, and 100% inauthentic.

So when I found this site, I immediately fell in love . . . you will laugh like you haven’t in a long time.

Because, of course, it’s Friday. And by Friday, laughter is just what we need.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



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