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Ever heard of Jesus Daily?

With over 27 million fans on Facebook, the Jesus Daily Fan Page is the place many go for encouragement, support, and answers to tough questions.

Developed by  Aaron Tabor, MD, Jesus Daily just released a new 365 day print devotional and I was asked to look it over and offer my thoughts for today.

I know it’s been a big book week around here but the timing just worked out this way – thank you for your grace. This is not the “new norm.”

That being said, I’m honored to have been asked to be a part of spreading the word because as I researched the Jesus Daily Fan Page on Facebook, I also discovered the web site and I love the encouragement and overall positive vibe it offers.

So here’s today’s reading from the new Jesus Daily devotional:

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As I read this, a chill traveled down my spine and nearly stopped me dead in my tracks.

There’s a child in my daughter’s class at school who is continuously mistreated. Though he has some special needs, he is incredibly intelligent; however,  his life hasn’t been easy in his short nine years.

His path has been raw and heartbreaking but it has the fingerprints of Jesus all over it – I know there are big things planned for this young man.

And of course, we here at the Snapp home are major underdog cheerleaders so our hearts tend to bleed for those who aren’t picked to win.

A few nights ago, Sarah and I sat in bed and talked about how this particular boy had been mistreated earlier in the day and I almost couldn’t bear to listen.

I was also the subject of some pretty intense bullying but not until high school. I won’t profess to know what this boy is feeling and thinking but I know a little bit about being mistreated by your peers.

And it wasn’t the first time we’ve talked through various situations in which he’s been hurt. We’ve prayed over him and brainstormed ways Sarah could encourage him on a somewhat regular basis.

Just this morning, I passed him in the hall. We’ve developed a relationship and as soon as our eyes met, he walked towards me and gave me a big bear hug.

I hugged him back but also felt compelled to say more.

I looked him in the eyes and, remembering the words from the book/movie “The Help” said, “You are kind. You are smart. You are important. You are loved by so many and by the One who matters most. Do you know that?”

A quiet smile overtook his face and he happily answered that he did indeed know that information.

Our words have power. Our encouragement can be the difference between a good day and a bad day for someone else.

But to use those words against injustice, we have to have courage. Courage to say “You can’t talk to her that way.” Courage to say “We aren’t going to let you treat him that way anymore.” Courage to say “No. More.”

Because when we stand by and don’t say or do anything, we’re just as guilty as the bully.

And when that one person does decide to move in the opposite spirit, the effects can be transformational because it can encourage others to have the courage to do the same.

Do you see how powerful one God-equipped person can be? Their courage literally has the power to change one person’s life from misery to peace.

You just have to trust in Him and accept the challenge to do what’s right.

He’ll do the rest.

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