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A few years ago, while I was attending She Speaks for the first time, I was introduced to a woman whose gentle and kind spirit emanated from every pore of her being.

We chatted for a few minutes and I knew we were kindred spirits – and I was right.

Except for the fact that she’s a Labor and Delivery Nurse, has five children, homeschools them all and writes on her beautiful blog. Yeah, Jacque’s one of my heroes.

After She Speaks, we kept in touch via the Internet and I realized why I liked her so much: broken people who have made mistakes but are now set-free can easily identify their peers.

Now, let’s fast-forward a year and a half later to Jason and I embarking on a cruise with the Indiana University School of Dentistry for a much-needed grown-up vacation that could also count as a business trip. :)

I took a photo of the nameplate on our door and posted it to Facebook.

Moments later, Jacque left a comment. It read: “Natalie, are you on the Celebrity Silhouette?”

I replied that yes, I was indeed aboard that ship.

Her response?  “I. AM. TOO.”

Seriously, what are the chances? Clearly, we are supposed to know each other. Jason and I had a ball spending time with Jacque and her husband, Thad.

Jacque_Natalie cruise

Jacque’s blog, Mercy Found Me, is a place where you can exhale. She keeps it real and isn’t afraid to share her own powerful story – in fact, she’s passionate about encouraging others to share their own stories.

It’s through this passion that she developed a wonderful podcast series called “Mud Stories.”

It’s my honor to share my story  on “Mud Stories” today; Part Two will be released next Tuesday.

I’ve always loved podcasts because you can “eavesdrop” on a conversation and hear the voices behind the words you read on a screen. When I listen to a podcast, I feel like I’ve gotten to know the writers I read just that much more.

I hope you feel the same, friend. I share my story not to make it “all about me” but rather to make it “all about Him” – and really, “all about you” because it’s always my prayer that through the sharing of my own life, you’ll find hope in yours. 

Click here to listen to my “Mud Story” . . . Thanks, friend.




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