Just in case you need to be reminded . . .

Somewhere between early-early morning and early-morning,

Somewhere between the breakfast rush, hairstyling and the brushing of teeth,

Somewhere between the shuttling of children and the kissing good-bye at the classroom door,

is a mom who feels unseen and wonders if what she does matters.

Somewhere between the “have a good day, I love you,”

Somewhere between the stolen glances and the interrupted conversations,

Somewhere between the fantasies of date nights long ago,

is a wife who wonders if she’s still treasured and adored.

Somewhere between the “I’m an adult” and the “I need my mom,”

Somewhere between the moment of crisis and when the phone is picked-up,

Somewhere between the longing for her hamburger casserole and before the recipe is obtained

is a daughter who secretly longs to be little again.

Somewhere between the thinking of a friend and the talking,

Somewhere between missing one far-away and one near,

Somewhere between feeling overloaded and feeling left-out,

is a woman who needs her girlfriends – desperately.

Somewhere between the longing for God and the discovery of who He really is,

Somewhere between the truth and the lies,

Somewhere between the impatience and the plan,

is a crazily-loved woman who is the daughter of the Most-High King.

Somewhere between here and there,

Somewhere between yesterday and today,

Somewhere between beginning and end,

is you.

A you who is seen.

A you whose work desperately matters.

A you who is treasured and adored.

A you who is still young and needs to be cared-for.

A you who is loved by girlfriends.

And a you who is even more loved by God.

 Yes, what you’re doing makes a difference – a big difference. Yes, sometimes people will tell you you’re “just” a mom. Yes, you’re still a strong player in the game. Yes, you’ll miss the hard days someday – even though you just want a moment now.

And yes, He sees every sacrifice you make. Every. Single. One.

Keep at it, sister. You can do this.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless. – 1 Corinthians 15:58

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