*Originally published on October 31, 2013

So today is Halloween – some celebrate it and some don’t.

I’m aware of the holiday’s pagan roots and yes, there are some parts of it I don’t love like scary werewolf faces with blood hanging from its fangs and anything that’s “dark.”

But you know what I do love about Halloween?

How it brings neighbors and friends together.

We live in a neighborhood filled with children and Halloween becomes a two hour street party– it’s the last hurrah before winter hibernation begins.

We gather for jack o’lantern-shaped pizzas and marvel at costumes . . . then it’s time for candy.

By the end of the night, there’s inevitably a meltdown or two (or ten) and someone is mad that one of their siblings got more candy than they did.

The snap broke on my costume and how dare anyone not have their porch light on and these shoes hurt my feet . . . 

I’m guessing if you celebrate Halloween, you know this drill, too.

But on the other hand . . . we make memories. Our children remember their neighborhood friends’ costumes from last year and they remember theirs. Each of them wears a sparkle in their eyes, revealing how excited they really are – even if they’re really cool.

What’s not to love about the thrill of free candy?

And I’ve heard the naysayers and I understand their point and respect it completely.

But there is  indeed some good that comes from Halloween:

cute ninjas

Like the pack of ninjas on the front lawn . . .


And their super-swanky ninja moves (check out Spencer on the far left . . . Love. It.)


Like the sweet girl who will soon think costumes like this are totally uncool . . .


And precious friends who are like family

Happy Fall/Halloween to you, friends . . . May this evening be filled with being His light and making memories.

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