Did you all know the notorious innkeeper, the bad-guy of all bad-guys, actually isn’t in the Bible?

I’m blessed to be a part of the Mothers Of Boys Society (The M.O.B. Society) writing team and this month, each writer is assigned to write from the perspective of a person from the story of Jesus’ birth.

I was assigned the innkeeper but the problem? He’s actually never mentioned in scripture.

Like the three wisemen visiting Jesus in the stable (they actually visited Him when he was a toddler – a few years after He was born), the innkeeper is a fabrication of our own attempt to romanticize the Christmas story.

But what if he had existed? Was he really a bad guy or a good guy who just didn’t do all he could do to help? What if he was just tired?

What can our boys (and girls for that matter!) learn from the innkeeper, fictional or not?

Head on over to the M.O.B. Society and find out? I would love for you to visit me there and if it resonates with you, can I ask you to share via the social media of your choice? Click here to read The Innkeeper: Villian or Good Samaritan?

Thanks, friends. It’s one of the many reason I love you.


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