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Last year, our kids’ school played the song “Oh What a Glorious Night” by Sidewalk Prophets during their Christmas chapel.

It’s now our family’s favorite Christmas song – catchy beat, awesome lyrics . . .

But you know what gets me every single time?

At the very beginning, they play the clip from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in which Linus explains the real meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown.

In that precious, angelic, child-voice, he proceeds to tell the story from Luke about the birth of Jesus.

When he’s finished, he ends with one simple sentence . . .

“And that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”

And I cannot. I just cannot. Ever. Listen to it without crying.

In fact, my kids now say “Mom’s crying!” after this point in the song.


But you know . . . This is what Christmas is all about. Whether your name is Charlie Brown or not.

In this world of so much excess, of many gadgets and must-haves, 24 hour accessibility, meetings and practices with little margin, do you ever feel like we forget how very simple it really is?

In just a few lines, Linus reminds us of what it’s really all about.

It’s about those shepherds in the field.

Two new parents.

The baby lying in a manger.

And the angels. Oh, the angels.

Yes. That’s what it’s all about.

So because I’m focusing on what it’s all about, I’ll be taking my one to two week rest – as I do each December.

Join me? I’ll be looking at my phone less, not opening my laptop much and eating bad food. Well, good food but bad good food.

Most of all, I’ll be relishing in my babies who aren’t babies anymore. Few precious years remain of the magical, child-like joy of Christmas. Yes, we always have joy and excitement at Christmas regardless of our age but there’s just something about when they’re younger.

I’ll post for the Not a Silent Night study on the next two Mondays but other than that, I’ll see you again on January 5.

Because that’s what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas, my friend. Let’s remember to remember . . .

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