* Thank you, sweet Bethany Grove, for writing today’s post and taking-on so much of leading our study while I was on vacation with my girl and my mama. You really are quite amazing . . . I could have told you that, sister. :)

As another birthday approaches, I can’t help but contemplate the last few years of my life. I will never stop being amazed by how much one day can make you reflect on days past, but alas, it happens every year.

However, this year is a little more reflective than years past. I am getting closer to an age milestone and as it approaches, it feels like the years are flying by faster than I can keep up.

This year, I’ve been contemplating the plans I had for my life during my early adult years.

Back then, I had planned to have a successful medical practice with the husband, 2.5 kids, dog, cat, and white picket fence. In other words the “American Dream.”

But those dreams haven’t completely materialized. Yes, I am a wife, mother and have a dog but I am missing the successful career that I envisioned during those early years.

Needless to say, sometimes I feel less than magnificent.

Yes, I am a mother but, truth be told, sometimes it feels like other women have a spark that I don’t.

It has taken me years to accept that being a mom is just as marvelous as any career path I could walk. Handing over control is not my strong suit, but God has my path planned and regardless of my occupation, He think I’m amazing.

Yes, I’m still working on whole-heartedly believing I’m amazing but over the course of the last five weeks while reading You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth, I have taken a few steps to making this belief a reality.

This week, Holley summarizes everything God would really want me to remember from this study . . . Three truths  I need to hide in my heart for the hard days. You know those days, right?

The days when you’re late picking up the kids from school. The days when you just can’t seem to find the time to take a shower. The days when you bicker with your husband over something completely insignificant that doesn’t make a hoot of a difference to the overall scope of eternity.

Yeah. Those days. On those days, we can remember:

God made me for right here, right now. I might have made plans and had my future all mapped out but God had another path in mind for me. I was made to me a mother and wife—right now. If I am meant to change occupations later, then God will make that happen. Right now, I am meant to take care of my husband and children.

What I can offer the world is enough. I am not meant to struggle to offer the world more than 100%. Thanks to Holley’s “Do What You Can Plan,” I’ve learned that I’m actually not supposed to do everything. I am supposed to do what I can do. There is no need to commit to everything that comes my way because that’s not serving those I love well. God most certainly doesn’t want me to over-commit because then I can’t fulfill His right-now plan for me.

But the biggest truth I need to remember?

{Drum roll please}

I am amazing.

I really am. No matter where I am in life, no matter what reflection I see in the mirror, no matter what my occupation is,  I am amazing. I am created in the image of my Father and He made me to do what only I can do.

I am His daughter and that, in itself, is amazing. 

This is a truth I plan to live-out everyday . . . even when our study is over.

And my prayer is that you, too, will see how amazing you are and remember to live-out your “amazing-ness” each day. Right here, right now.

For our discussion today, please pick one or more of the questions below to answer in the comments section.


1.What’s one truth you’ve learned about how much God loves you through this book?

2. How do you see yourself differently now versus when you started this journey?

3. As you think about making changes in your life, what is your greatest fear or obstacle? What could help you with this?

4. What’s the one thing that stood-out the most to you this week?




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