I’m honored to join the team of writers of Group Publishing – they have a wonderful blog that’s relatable, honest and funny about the joys of pitfalls of being a mom, wife, and overall woman.

Today is my introductory post but here’s a snippet of what we’re talking about:

“But let’s all be real for a moment: motherhood is a thankless job, isn’t it?

Now and then I get a “thank you” for dinner but admittedly, it’s not nightly. Every so often my children notice their laundry has been cleaned, dried, folded and put-away. And now and then, I hear a “thank you” after a forgotten lunch box has been delivered.

If you seek to gain recognition as a mother, you’ll lose gratitude, latitude and magnitude.

In other words, when we constantly desire a pat on the back, we’ll become ungrateful for what we’ve been given. When this happens, we feel lost and when we’re lost, we’re less likely to make much of an impact. Gratitude. Latitude. Magnitude.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here . . .  Please join me?

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