Heart Sisters cover-page-001

So as you all know, my first book, Heart Sisters: Be the Friend You Want to Have will be released on April 21. As in six weeks.

Exciting and terrifying all rolled into one lovely burrito.

As I’m preparing for the release, I will need help with opinions and test markets.

But most of all . . . I covet your prayers, sweet sisters.

I’m creating a prayer group on Facebook and while I know the world doesn’t need one more Facebook group, I would be honored if you would consider committing to praying for Heart Sisters.

I will post in this group once or twice a week on average – I promise not to clog your feed.

So if you feel led to praying for the release of Heart Sisters and serving as a “test market” for promotional ideas here and there, please click this link and request to be added to the Facebook group.

In the words of Ann Lamott, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

You have no idea how much your support and utterances to God mean to me . . .

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