So I need to tell you . . . When I first started blogging six years ago, I stumbled across this site called (in)courage.

I loved how they wrote.

I loved what they believed in.

And I loved what they stood for.

“Yes, that,” I remember thinking. “I think that might be what God wants me to do.”

I started a blog and began to pour-out my heart and well . . . here we are.

Since it was the very first blog I ever read, it’s always been one of my dreams to be a regular contributor for (in)courage.

While I’m not actually a regular contributor, I am there today.

And I’m talking about some tough stuff – tough stuff I know you probably know a thing or two about as well.

We’re talking about being hurt by women.

Yes. This is hard. Trust me, I know.

But we can do it. So will you please join me over on (in)courage today? I would love to have some of my “tribe” (blog speak for those who read your words) over there for support. Cannot thank you enough, sweet sisters.

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