Three years ago, I boarded a plane from Charlotte to Atlanta after attending my first-ever She Speaks Conference. I had just pitched my first book, Heart Sisters, and was sitting back in my seat to just exhale.

Moments later, a bubbly and bright woman looked at me and declared her seat was next to mine.

“Were you at She Speaks?” I asked because I could just tell.

As soon as she confirmed my suspicion was correct, we began to talk. And talk. And talk.

Until the wheels touched down in Atlanta – and I still wanted to talk more.

We had an insane amount in common. Talking to Pat Layton was like a breath of very fresh air.

Since then, she’s one who I can ask a quick writer/speaker question and she’ll get back with me quickly and give a straight and true answer.

“Pat, do you ever feel like just quitting the whole speaking and writing thing?” I once asked because well . . . I just wondered.

Here’s her reply: “Natalie—I SO GET THIS!!! I have been “quitting” also! Stay the course lady—God’s got your back!!”

So I exhale and know this might be a normal thought for speakers and writers.

We all need those girls who tell us we aren’t alone, don’t we?

Pat’s book, Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with Your Past, Purpose in Your Present, Passion for Your Future, released this past Monday and let me tell you . . . It’s so, so good.

First of all, it’s written around my favorite Psalm – 139. I know . . . Say no more, right?

Secondly, so often I see such potential in the women I know thwarted by a past that hasn’t been forgiven – by themselves. I strongly believe that when we are still struggling with stuff in our closets, it’s difficult to find a purpose for our present because there’s still some unfinished business yet to do. If we can’t find purpose in our present, it’s even more difficult to find passion for our future, isn’t it?

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Life Unstuck:

“Unstuck women think differently. Unstuck women tap into what is good and think on that. Unstuck women follow faith. Unstuck women look for the good in all circumstances. Unstuck women bounce back from failure. Unstuck women face challenges differently. The truth is that if I want life unstuck, I have to think unstuck. You see, who we are, what we do, how we behave, and what we say all come to life from deep inside of us, a process that starts in the heart and ends in a thought.”

“Just as without a heartbeat there is no life, without a healthy heart there is no good thinking. If your heart is not healthy, your thoughts will not be healthy and nothing will be healthy in your life. You will live in stinking thinking.”

“Our unstuck life in Christ depends on our unstuck surrender.”

“It is within God’s protective borders that we have the freedom to let go, to play, to run freely, and to truly enjoy our lives to the fullest without the slightest hint of fear.”

Unstuck quote

There are so many more I could list but then . . . this post is getting too long already.

Trust me – you will love Pat. And you will love being unstuck even more.

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