Thank you, sweet and beautiful Bethany, for writing today’s post. I cannot tell you how thankful I am you didn’t listen to those “what-if’s” . . . You’re a HUGE blessing!!!

Fear is a debilitating feeling, isn’t it?

But sometimes, the only way to overcome it is by a giant leap of faith.

A leap of faith was what I took when I agreed to help Natalie with her book club. I mean, who would believe that I am good enough to lead women, and encourage them in their walk with God? I am not formally trained in writing, leading, or biblical studies.


God knew His plans for me.

However, before I would be able to follow God’s plans, I had to make the decision to say “yes,” jump in with both feet, and allow myself to grow in faith by following God and obeying His commands.

During the process of this decision, I fought with myself, debated with God, and looked for any excuse to say no.

God kept telling me, “This is where I want you,” and I kept coming up with what-ifs. You know the what-if game, don’t you?

What if the ladies in the study don’t like me?

What if Natalie decides having me help was the worst decision she ever made?

What if everyone hates what I write?

I’m sure you get the idea.

“What-if’s” were flying through my head like airplanes trying to land on a runway.

But God is the air traffic controller who diverts every doubt so they never get the chance to land. The only thought that made it’s way onto the landing strip was, “I am with you. This is what I want you doing.”


Needless to say, I agreed to help but there was a time where I was stuck in the land of “analysis paralysis” as Lysa calls it in Chapter Seven of The Best Yes. I was filled with so much fear of failure that I couldn’t move forward and make a decision.

“If I’m trusting myself, I will stare at all the possible ways I could fail. If I’m trusting God, I will stare at all the possible ways He’ll use this whether I fail or succeed.” ~Lysa Terkeurst

The fear of making the wrong decision made me consider all the what-ifs but there is something else Lysa says in Chapter Seven of that struck a chord with me.

“The fear of making the wrong decision shouldn’t strip the faith right out of our faith,” she said.

And, of course, she’s right. Beyond right.

While I was gripped by fear, I was allowing myself to forget one important thing, a basic foundation of my faith . . .

Trusting God.

Trusting God is the most important thing in faith and decision making. God puts opportunities in front of me but I am the one who chooses to seize them or decline and hide in my safe, little bubble.

But how do I keep myself from becoming overcome by fear again?

By this little nugget of wisdom from Lysa: “Here’s the thing that keeps me from staying stuck: there is no such thing as a perfect decision.”

Wow…did you get that? There is no perfect decision!

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

There will never be a wrong decision if my motive is for the good of God.

God doesn’t care if I fail, He only cares that I’m glorifying Him.

This applies to everyone, including you, sweet sister. You might be weighing a tough decision right now and are stuck because you are afraid of failing. But the only way you can fail is to keep your eyes on the what-ifs and never put your trust in God.

Stop for a minute, place your trust in God, and let the heavy weight on your shoulders be lifted. There is no wrong decision, only the decision to stay paralyzed.

So for this week . . . Please answer at least one of the following in the comment section:

1. Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear when making a decision? What did you do? How did you ultimately make your final decision?

2. Lysa talks about attaining wisdom in Chapters Seven through Nine. What experience has been your biggest teacher?

3. If you are a mother, what would you tell your children about fear? If you aren’t, what would you tell someone you are mentoring about fear? Do you believe what you say? Why or why not?

4. Was there anything else that caught your attention in Chapters Seven, Eight or Nine?



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