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“Everyday we make choices. Then our choices make us.” – Lysa Terkeurst, The Best Yes

Each day we face a plethora of decisions. What to wear, how to do our hair, what lunches to pack for our children, to be or not to be . . .

Those are just a few of the trivial choices I face everyday and maybe you do as well. However, I am sure some of you have bigger decisions staring you in the face right now.

But here’s the thing: all these little decisions add up to one important end result – you!

Everything we do, everything we think, all the daily decisions we make add up to create the person we are today and will ultimately create our future.

The question is . . . How do we make sure we are creating the best version of ourselves?

First, we need to make sure we are rooted in God’s Word. This is the most important way to make sure we are being who God created us to be and to follow the plans He has laid our for us.

Secondly, we can create a game plan for life based on the information we have gleaned from The Best Yes study so we can be positive we are giving our Best Yes answer every time!

We have reached the last week of The Best Yes study and we’re discussing Chapters Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen.

Over the course of this study, Lysa has showed us a lot about our lives and given us some valuable tools to discern which decisions we can confidently say “no” to and which ones are a definite “yes” for us at that point in our lives.

We have addressed “analysis paralysis.”

Found power in giving a small no answer.

Realized that the only way for us to give a confident “no” answer will be to practice it over and over again.

We have even taken a look at our friends and how they react when they are on the receiving end of a “no” answer— and sometimes, the response is not so friendly.

As we move forward, and put the book back on the shelf, we must remember that the decisions we make on how to spend our time will affect not only us, but our relationships with our family as well.

We must vow to keep the foundation we have built from this study strong and firm as we move forward into the world.

Our families are valuable.

Our time is valuable.

Our soul is valuable.

There is power, security, and peace in a Best Yes answer for us and our families.

Don’t let anyone, anyone, take those away from you.

Have confidence, sweet sisters, because I know we can do this. We can find our Best Yes answer and live better lives.

“Take baby steps of right decisions, and soon you will walk with a new strength you never knew possible.” – Lysa Terkeurst, The Best Yes

For our discussion this week please answer one or all of the questions below.

1. In Chapter Sixteen, Lysa tells us a story of when she was nine years old and she almost drowned while trying to help her sister. The panic that set-in during that experience was something she has carried since the incident. She goes on to say that “people can drown in things besides water.” What things make it hard for you to feel like you’re  “staying above water”? How do you get past the drowning feeling?

2. We were introduced to HALT in Chapter Seventeen. Lysa says it’s best to not make decisions when we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired – but we all have. Share a time where you made a decision on your own before HALTing and the outcome of that decision.

3. Is there something else that stood out to you in Chapters 16-19?

4. What is your BIGGEST takeaway from our time together studying through The Best Yes?




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